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SSuite Office Monobase is a complete database creation and management system that's perfect for substituting other more mainstream commercial programs like Microsoft Access.

The world of databases is complicated and management tools for this type of multi-factorial work settings are impossibly unsuited and incomplete which can almost completely spoil your whole user experience or at worst make you waste hours and hours of work in vain. Thankfully, SSuite Office Monobase is a decent alternative when you can't afford more expensive (and popular) counterparts and their excessive license fees. This program offers you all the necessary functions to create and update a database from the ground up while also allowing you to add on an infinite number of tables, fields and columns. You can also open up 5 distinct databases at once without suffering any additional lag time while loading. Thanks to its report generator you'll be able to have any information you need at hand in an tidy, simple and easy way where you'll never be overloaded with information.

SSuite Office Monobase works in SQL so you won't have any problems opening up databases created with other programs; not to mention that it can access ODCB databases no matter their size. Thanks to its simplified, but fully featured interface this program is just as powerful and dynamic as other similar processors. However, thankfully it has a much slighter learning curve, so any user can now access and analyze databases in a simple and easy way.
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